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In a world where dreaming is forbidden, a special girl must fight to be herself as she discovers a magical house where a lonely boy fascinated by books and their power of imagination lives.

A screenplay by Thomas Guyot

TIME PERIOD: From now and then





The Perfect Neighborhood has always forbidden dreaming, and no one knows what it is. Until the birth of Camillia Green, a laughing girl way too different from the others. The town is surrounded by a Wall of an infinite horizon and ruled by Gourmand, a bibliophobe, addicted to candy. His father has banished books and no one can read anymore.


Mrs. White, a dream-crusher of a teacher, dictates how to be in society. But, Camillia has never found her place among her classmates nor in this world. At night, she always waits for everyone to go to sleep to admire the sky, waiting for a sparkling light to show her the way.


Camillia discovers an abandoned house hidden in the Perfect Neighborhood. When she enters, she discovers a Book hidden in the chimney but unfortunately cannot unravel its story.


One night, as she's mad against the world, Camillia goes to the Wall only to discover a hole inside of it. A new world presents under her eyes, guided by the… Sparkling light.

'Maybe it was a star...'


The Sparkling light invites her through a gigantic colorful forest to the Imaginary House. The house is not like any other and is owned by a little boy named Robin. The rules of the house are clear, there are no rules, and you can be whoever you wanna be. Camillia discovers Robin's best companion Mr. Whiskers, a gentleman-speaking rat.


Camillia begins a journey to find her inner dream as she attempts to unlock the secrets of the Imaginary house and its owner, Robin.