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Nowadays, it has become hard to be a dreamer.

They say that dreaming is dead and that no one dares to think about this word now. 

We've lost track of what it signifies, and it's been obliterated from our vocabulary.  

Professors are not teaching us about it, and so we are unaware of its existence. 

Dreamers are cast out into society's darkness.


Nevertheless, I try to change the picture and hope that you do the same by dreaming every day.

A young orphan girl with the hopes of finding a new family, bonds with a stuffed animal, which happens to have the ghost of a lost boy living inside it.

A young boy with the power to see souls from the afterlife must help a deceased little girl find her place in the cemetery.


In a world where dreaming is forbidden, a special girl must fight to be herself as she discovers a magical house where a lonely boy fascinated by books and their power of imagination lives.


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