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French screenwriter living in Vancouver. I am currently approaching Los Angeles, the film industry's capital, to give a chance to a dream that resides inside many of us storytellers.

In my bag, my first feature, Doudou, a heartwarming tale about an orphan girl who embarks on a journey to discover the true meaning of family. Along the way, she forms a special bond with the soul of a lost boy trapped inside a stuffed rabbit.

The screenplay was a Finalist in the Screencraft Family Contest.

After five years of cinema and screenwriting studies in Paris,
I wrote and directed two short movies Perdus entre deux étoiles and Une promesse d'enfant.

At the moment, I am finishing the writing of my second feature:

The Imaginary House while developing a short movie named
Once Upon the End.

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One dream at a time. Coming back to you really soon.

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